Getting a little stinky? Bring your dog in for a good proper clean in our dog hydrobath. A hydrobath is a specially designed dog bath with a two stage process which is driven by a powerful circulation pump that really foams up the shampoo and gives a deep clean to all layers of the fur, and then pumps clean water through to rinse. We use a soap free and hypoallergenic dog shampoo from Fidos. This formula moisturises the skin and hair, and is suitable for use with long-term flea control products.
If your dog has any special requirements or shampoos needed to be used due to a skin condition, feel free to bring them in for us to use on your dog when dropping them off.

No bath is complete without a blowdry and brush, to remove all of the loose hair and sort out any loose knots!

We can also clean ears and goopy eyes, tidy up beards, remove knots, or tidy up their privates as needed.

Important information

There are some conditions which must be adhered to for your dog to be eligible to come to see us. See more details in our FAQ.

If combining your wash with a full day of daycare, we can offer a pick up and drop off in the local area. Click here for pricing.

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