Conducted by a qualified Canine Myofunctional Therapist.

Canine myofunctional therapy (CMT) is a muscle therapy incorporating remedial massage and stretching techniques that have been tailored for use on dogs. Not just for relaxation - CMT borrows techniques from various human related massage disciplines. It can have many health benefits for fitness of muscles, joints and general health.

A dog pushing past its own limits in exercise can result in a strain or injury affecting the normal function of the muscles and joints. Overused, strained and injured muscles may cause muscle tension, inflammation, contractures, spasms and trigger points in the muscles.
When a muscle remains contracted, not be able to relax the overall length of the muscle shortens, becomes stiff and decreases the range of motion (ROM) of the affected joints. This affects the overall comfort of the dog in movement.
Shortening of the muscles can also cause the joints to ride more closely together and if left untreated this may result in irreversible cartilage damage.

All massage techniques are performed using a direct hands on approach because of the precise tactile awareness felt with no obstructions. This allows us to feel for even very slight differences in the body condition, muscles, skin and hair during the treatment.
A full body assessment during treatment can give an indication of tension, strain and scar tissue developing in certain muscles. We will work to release contractions and spasms, allowing the muscles to be able to relax, lengthen and reduce pressures on other parts of the body (such as joints) which may have been affected.

Important information

The safety and wellbeing of the dog is of the highest importance. Before treatment can commence, we will need to assess various factors to ensure there are no contraindications to treatment. As we are not veterinarians, we cannot diagnose conditions, perform surgery or prescribe medications. We will however work alongside your veterinarian, to ensure we provide the right treatment for your dog’s condition.
As part of our assessment prior to starting therapy we will require your dog's full health history and veterinary records, including imagery (x-rays, CT scans, etc.), details of medications and any other supporting documents you can provide.
This will enable us to develop the safest and most effective treatment plan using therapies which compliment their veterinary care to help improve your dog's condition.
We will provide advice on best practice for environment and exercise according to your dog’s condition following treatment, with ongoing support as required.

For treatment suitability, please see our FAQ. page.


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